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The luxurious essence of lingerie goes tastefully sophisticated in this silky wowen cami with floral lace neckline. You can get it here.

Lace slip: Zara (image: camilleovertherainbow)

DIY KITS | NEW COLORWAYS (image: swellmayde)

Alberta Feretti S/S 2014, Milan Fashion Week

Pop this DIY into the Secret Santa mix this year and there’s definitely gonna be a cat fight. Everybody needs a little help catching zzz’s amidst the holiday season frenzy…so we took inspiration from stylish sleepers like Holly Golightly and Charlotte Olympia to create this dreamy eye mask that’s bound to become a nap time fav and make for a meowy, meowy Christmas. 

To create: Fold a rectangular piece of gold leather in half; use a binder clip to keep the leather in place. Repeat so that you have two folded sets. Use a sharpie to draw an ear shape on one leather piece and an eyelash on the other. Cut the shapes out with scissors. Carefully dab hot glue on the back of each shape and place onto the eye mask. Let dry for a few minutes before wearing, then take a cat nap with your new sleep-cessory.

Just like in real life, sometimes the best design moments happen when opposites attract. If you’re the type who doesn’t bat an eye when it comes to combining a pattern with a stripe, why not do the same for that room in your abode that could use an eye-catching addition? Take a light fixture from construction work to artwork in a matter of minutes by creating this industrial chic piece! 

To create: Screw the light bulb into the socket of the pendant light cord. Choose a fun contrasting colored cord to make the chandelier pop! Snap the light cage around the socket. Decorate the cage by attaching crystal drops with jump rings. Hang your chandelier; get creative by doubling or tripling up on the lights to create a cluster of lustrous lighting.

At this point we all know that an identity crisis in fashion is a great thing - motorcycle boots with a long silk dress? Done. A rhinestone bib necklace paired with t-shirt & ripped jeans? Hell yes. That’s why we love the subtle but strong message Valentino is sending with the ingenious accessories from their Fall/Winter Collection. Stacking studs on top of sweet, demure pearls might sound like mixing candy with caviar to some, but we say bring it! Join the movement and put the “rad” in radiant with this embellished clutch we made with Who What Wear. 

To create: Use scissors to cut out individual flatback pearls. Adhere the top of a pearl to the bottom of a flatback stud using a dab of hot glue. Repeat until you have created enough embellishments to cover the surface of your clutch. Use super glue to adhere the bottom of each pearl to the clutch. Let dry completely before wearing.

50 Years of the Chanel Bag on the StreetPhotographed by Phil OhSee the slideshow

Trim your toes with a fancy, fuzzy touch just in time for that upcoming holiday fête. If you fawn over Nina Ricci’s mink and velvet numbers like we do, consider keeping those sandals out of storage just a little bit longer for the sake of this decadent DIY! 

To create: Use scissors to cut the marabou trim to the length of your sandal’s shoe strap. Apply hot glue to your shoe strap, then press down firmly on the marabou trim to secure. P.S.- be careful not to touch the hot glue. Now pair your new holiday statement piece with any outfit for an extra dressy flare!

Alana Zimmer (image: stockholmstreetstyle)